Jewelry Repair


    Stone Replacement

    When JS replaces your stones, we take pride in our ability to precisely match the replacing stone with the existing stones to assure the ring looks as original as possible. We also check all other stones FREE of charge to ensure you do not have to come back for the same issue.

    Ring Sizing / Thickening

    When JS sizes your rings up, we make sure we are always adding gold or silver increasing the rings value and integrity. We do not hammer out any ring shanks to make them bigger. We assure you will not be able to find the cutting and solder points. The ring will look as brand new as the day you purchased it.

    Chain Repair and soldering

    No matter the chain style and material, JS can solder to make look new. In some cases, our customers prefer new chains and we can, in most cases, find you the exact chain you are looking for. Why take your time to shop? Let us do that for you.

    Jewelry buffing / Steaming

    JS Ultrasonic cleaning is always FREE while you wait and shop in our Brazos Town Center. We offer more in depth cleaning such as buffing and steaming for those special pieces you want to preserve. These take longer and are priced by piece. Bring yours in today for an estimate.

    Pearl re-stringing

    JS offer pearl re-stringing. Our pearl re-stringing is priced by the length of the strand and charged by the inch. Bring yours in for an estimate. We can make longer or shorter at your request too.

Watch Repair


    Watch Batteries

    JS change batteries in any and ALL watches. Most watches are done while you wait. If you do not have time, you are more than welcomed to drop off with us and pick up at a later time, especially if you have several. Included in your watch battery price is always the opening and sealing of the watch backs while oiling the gasket, replacement of the battery, movement and crown check and stem oiling if needed. Some watches do require water pressure testing and, oppose to mailing it off with other jewelers and retailers, we can handle for you over night the majority of the time. Water pressure testing is priced by the watch. We use nothing but the best in our opinion with Renata Swiss batteries.

    Watch Crystal Replacement

    JS matches watch crystals exact to the broken crystal. We offer both OEM style crystals and aftermarket for those not so expensive watches we want to preserve but not spend a lot of money on, although all of our options are very affordable. If the crystal is not available for your watch, we can custom cut one to fit. JS will always have a solution for your watch needs.

    Watch Movement Cleaning & Oiling

    Also known as our COA service which stands for Cleaning Oil and Alignment. In this service we include everything that is in our Watch Battery service as well as clean, oil and align your movement assuring your hands have the exact time every time. We also test for the watch losing time and adjust where we need to assure the perfect time every time. Watch crystals offered at a discounted rate while performing a COA since we have to remove the movement for both services.

    Watch Movement Replacement

    On some watches it is just not worth what refer to as a COA due to how labor intensive a COA is. We live in a age where sometimes it is just cheaper to replace the entire movement at a discounted rate. Your watch will retain its original look that you have always fallen in love with but just be brand new on the inside and work like a brand new watch.

    Winding, Automatic & Kinectic Watch Repair

    Just like a COA, we make sure to remove the movement and check everything while cleaning, oiling and aligning everything to assure the perfect time is kept. In this service your capacitor is also checked in the automatic and kinetic style watches for life and if one needs to be replaced we will let you know.


Hours Of Operation

Monday – Friday 10 – 6pm
Saturday 9 – 5pm

*Flexible hours upon request
We realize people get very busy during the work week. If you need a little extra time to come by and drop off or pick up a job, just give us a call and let us know.