Jewelry Services, Etc.

Family owned and operated watch and jewelry repair center that started in 1998 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Joe Saavedra, our founder, worked in the jewelry retail industry for more than 20 years. Day after day, he had to send customers away that came in for jewelry services. After all, he only sold the jewelry and watches, not fix them. That’s when he realized that his customers had a jewelry service need just as much as anything else. He made the bold decision to leave the company he was with so long and had built a career with to address that need his customers had been looking for all this time. That’s when Jewelry Services was born.

After so many years in the business, another need was realized. Our customers all shared a common interest. People who wear jewelry like to look good and people who like to look good also like their sunglasses and watches. That’s when Joe ventured out and started to build partnerships with name brand watch and sunglass manufactures. Today Jewelry Services, Etc. has shaken hands with over 30 high-end reputable brands.

Jewelry Services, Etc. started with a goal. That was to bring quality jewelry and watch service to the city of Lake Jackson at fair and affordable prices. With the addition of sunglasses and watches we have now added the goal of being your one stop shop for all these needs and to bring that business to Rosenberg, Texas, another family hometown.